Adjud – a small town situated on a plain, between two rivers, it used to be a marketplace established by Hungarians in the XV century. Notably the birthplace of the international soprano Angela Gheorghiu.

This is the rail station, now falling to pieces, house of stray dogs at times (I found this pic on Panoramio and I thought it was funny).


The town had plenty of industry in the communist era, not much of it left today.The old communist building stock decays a little each year. The biggest employer is a paper and cardboard manufacturing company. Apart from that,  drinking and gambling are some of the town’s remaining industries.

The place is plain, the usual sleepy town which comes to life on Friday – market day. The many gypsy families add colour and noise to the little town.

Nothing quaint here, the chief characteristic of this town is a lack of visible decorum.

city centre
Siret river – autumn
Siret river in summer
The flea market on Friday
horse and cart very much part of the landscape

We lived to this town for a year in 2003/2004  – that’s when we started planting the garden. Came back in 2016 to finish a long overdue renovation project on this ill-designed house. The garden needed lots of attention too, it fell into neglect for the last 12 years.

For 26 years we lived in rented houses where it was not practical to build a garden – given the expense and issue of altering somebody else’s property… but I did that anyway. I got so used to building gardens for other people to enjoy, it was time to build one for us.

Below is where things stood in 2010. Overgrown apple trees, lawn almost gone, and don’t get me started on the ugly gray concrete fence…

front rose garden
The cypress trees we planted in 2003.


We began the renovation project in early June 2016, after which we hoped to have a comfortable home, beautiful garden and a painting studio (for me) for the first time in four years. I’m sure my fellow painters can appreciate (and commiserate) the fact that my brushes and painting materials have been stored in boxes for that long, and how happy I will be to be reunited with them.
In addition to the new reno project, we also added a new member to our household: Bacon the stray puppy.

Bacon – 3 months old
Mum and Bacon

This little girl, was the only surviving puppy from the litter of a street stray dog (one of 5 we were and still are feeding & caring for).

One very hot June day we found her laying limp outside the fence, extremely unwell. The other bigger dogs were always chasing her away from the food and water.
Of course we took her in and after a cooling bath, water and rest she recovered some. We called her Bacon – she refused all the food we put in front of her, but bacon started her eating again.

The stage is set, let’s begin.

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