May in the garden

All the bulbs were popping up in the flower beds and the garden started looking very happy and colorful

….with the exception of the ugly gray concrete fence. It was an eye sore, that had to change.20160405_143550

20160409_070359We decided on a dark bluish gray, so the fence will bring out the beautiful colours of the garden. My husband wasn’t convinced about the dark color –  I had to resort to the phrase that always works: ‘trust me I am a designer’!

Now the shed had to be painted too – so again ‘we’ decided on a purple. I couldn’t find a dark enough purple but the result is a happy looking shed.


I started planting my herb garden: thyme, parsley, sage, coriander, tarragon, lovage and mint. I am planning to add some lemon grass this year, never tried growing this before. I love thai food and it has to work!20160412_14422320160412_144122



The front rose garden got added three birch tress and a new flower bed.

Simba inspecting the progress.

All in all it was a good start.
I can’t wait for spring….


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