the nomadic canna lilies

Growing a garden seems like the exact opposite of a nomadic life, right?
Nevertheless we managed to grow and enjoy gardens everywhere we lived. Most plants moved with us…and I am not talking about potted plants. Usually I just dig them up, plant them in pots while we settle in the new place and then in the soil – instant landscaping job.

This was the ‘garden’ when we moved in the last place we rented (one of those new eyesore developments, plot size under 350sqm, cookie cutter style that are sprouting out in western Sydney).


And the garden after the year we lived there.20160131_112830_richtonehdr2016-01-31-11-30-57In tropical Sydney everything grows well and quick, and my plants just love to move and set roots in different places.
Some of these traveled with us to Europe and are happy to grow here and have a new adventure.

We had these Canna lilies for 12 years now, moved with us four times. They got packed up in March (autumn in Sydney) in a zip lock bag and had a log nap in my suitcase on the way here.

Canna Lily rhizomes ready to be packed

I planted them in April and they grew into beautiful plants by summer.



Now they are happily accommodating to the life in the northern hemisphere where they sleep all winter in the cellar waiting for the first signs of spring.

This is just one of the many plants that traveled with us. I took lots of cutting and seeds where was not possible to take the bulbs, rhizomes or the whole plant.
I believe there are not that many crazy people like me, but for the few out there – having your own nomadic garden isn’t a pointless dream.


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