The dust cloud

That was all of June last year. We  finally started demolishing the walls as planned.
In Australia that would’ve been an easy job, over and done in a day or two.
Not here. The walls are 40 cm thick, reinforced concrete and bricks (remember we live on a fault, earthquakes are frequent).
First the old style stoves had to go. We were lucky to find somebody knowledgeable to demolish them brick by brick. There was one downstairs and one upstairs, massive heavy structures. Both are relocated to an acquaintance’s house, I am glad they didn’t go to waste.

The old living room, the wall behind the couch was demolished.

The idea was to create an open plan kitchen – dining room. It took three days of incredible mess, noise and back-breaking work. The problem here, in spite of high unemployment, is very difficult to find people willing to work. We had on and off casual workers to help, but most of the time we were alone with two permanent tradesmen. Not what we planned and I don’t ever remember being so tired all the time in my entire life. Summer here is normally hot, last summer was VERY hot and humid, like the australian summer.
That was about the time we started realising  this was going to be a much bigger. more difficult and challenging job than we ever expected.
Like everywhere else, tradesmen here are challenging  and one has to tippy-toe around them. Mainly do not get them upset with unrealistic requirements like make the walls straight, install the tiles properly, the drains should be the lowest point …details like that.
Behind the plastic is the kitchen, small and crammed with a tiny window.

Another wall demolished, more dust and noise and the kitchen opened up to the future living room

The walls needed reinforcing with steel beams and columns to support the concrete slab and the second floor above.

Steel beams to reinforce the structure

The kitchen window was too small, the house was very dark overall – more window, more light was one of the priorities.

My kitchen for 3 months  – nice view but a mess inside

This is what we set up to achieve modeled in a 3D app for Android.

Open plan kitchen, dining room


Living room where we planned to have a modern fireplace.

That was the dream, but in June it was all in a cloud of dust….

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