I am sure most people moving into a house in need of a ‘bit of work’ reach a point where they realise the magnitude of the project. We completely underestimated the amount of work that was required. I think due to our lack of experience in building work, we naturally assume that everything is a fairly quick and easy job.
I still now find myself thinking – “Give it two weeks, maybe three, and it will be all complete!” – Hmm. Progress is slow and painful and challenging, problems are constant and nothing, nothing is quick or easy.

Aligning the walls was difficult. We managed to have almost straight walls and almost parallel.

The floors in every room were at different heights. Living room had floor boards, dining room some crazy ‘Venetian’ marble, the rest were tiles, ugly blue and pink and every other colour tiles.

The marble floor in the dining room
blue tiles in the kitchen
the self leveling compound is wonderful20160806_120336

The very hot summer days helped curing the floors in less than 48 hours. In the mean time we had to learn to levitate to be able to move around the place.

Now we had a clean slate to begin painting the walls and installing new floor boards.

Of course, all the key players in a renovation work to their own schedule, so we never quite perfected the timing on new appliance deliveries and old appliance pick up. At the apex of activity, the new fridge, the new range, dishwasher, sink, old fridge, old stove and old kitchen bench were parked in the dining/living rooms, which looked like a cross between a new appliance showroom and the city dump. We had to shift them around as we progressed with the renovation, extra work we didn’t really need.

I can’t remember being so tired, constantly tired ever before in my life. It wasn’t just the heavy physical work, it was also my day job, full time and demanding.

What kept us going was how far we’ve come. The house started looking promising!

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  1. Looks like a great project. About two years ago, we finished a major renovation… caused by a fire in our condo building. The first part wasn’t so fun, but we did enjoy the rebuild as we got to “fix” many of those things we would have liked to change when we bought the place.


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