the sense of never being at home anywhere is very real

Reading this great article helped me understand why we struggle every day to fit in and reconnect with people.

We are not at home in our own country and long for being back ‘home’.

Yes we talk weird, we don’t have an accent but use the wrong words and basically many times translate from english what we want to say. I can see on people’s faces they think we are odd. This feeling of loneliness we were hoping it will go away after a while is just growing.

Living in a small and backwards town makes it connecting with expats very difficult. Probably the only crazies who live here!

What we hear often from visitors is that we modelled the house and the garden like we still live in Australia. I realise we live in a bubble totally diconected from what happens around us. We don’t watch TV,  not interested in the ‘news’, clueless about politics (which is a major fault in a country where people are addicted to talking ad nausea about politics).

Longing for home….

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