the sense of never being at home anywhere is very real Reading this great article helped me understand why we struggle every day to fit in and reconnect with people. We are not at home in our own country and long for being back 'home'. Yes we talk weird, we don't have an accent but use the wrong words and basically many times translate from [...]

remodelling, not renovation

By the end of July we realised we were not doing a house renovation. According to the experts renovation means to do the cosmetic touching up without making any changes to the underlying structure. We were REMODELLING the house! Demolishing walls, rerouting the piping system, changing the entire floor and structure, is not renovating, is so [...]


So what is the greater horror: the dread of getting lost in some faraway place where you know you don’t quite belong or the process of becoming domestic, of acquiring a massive mortgage to that house made of ticky tacky with the long daily commute to work, where the slow poison of regret and boredom works its way through your veins until you’ve lost even the resolve to try to escape, to live your life as you once wished?